The 1st of November 2021 $IQEQ Token launched on Binance Smart Chain. Using some revolutionary methods to counter those dreadful sniping bots and in the same run, managing to burn 20% of the tokens!
More about the launch in this post.

What is IQEQ Token?

IQEQ Token is a decentralized autonomous organization & think tank, to evolve and develop, cryptowealth, the future of Intelligence and emotional quota through DAO, dAPPs and our own crypto investment vault.
Community-owned and runs think tank and vault, made to contribute to the individual financial wealth, body health and mind. To raise awareness about mental illness, through mind, vision and value, by helping individuals cope with the difficulties and suffering of life, through education, technological tools and a sense of value within the DAO community.

🌘 How we managed to have a very successful launch!

93% Transaction fee first 10 minutes, Max Buy 0.1% of supply! This way we had over 600 Transaction from bots, in which they would receive less than 7% of the tokens bought.
In 10 minutes, we managed to tax 24Million tokens(out 100M Max supply) and we burned 20M (20%) immediatly after! This was we managed to raise the initial market cap and give a even more stable foundation for the future.
During the first 13 days we had constant growth and uptrend, with a daily volume of up to $45K – We started from $1K Market cap and managed to reach $1M and a price of 1 cent!(0.01)

Currently we have 67% circulating supply out of a total supply of 100M


Livecoinwatch Information about $IQEQ

IQEQ TOKEN (IQEQ) is currently ranked as the #2106 cryptocurrency by market cap. Today it reached a high of $0.002993, and now sits at $0.002890. IQEQ TOKEN (IQEQ) price is up 24.67% in the last 24 hours. IQEQ TOKEN’s maximum supply is 100,000,000. 68.44% of this supply is already in circulation. IQEQ TOKEN is currently trading on 1 exchange, with a 24hr trade volume of $1,734.

The future looks bright for the $IQEQ Community!

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