IQEQ Token is a decentralized autonomous organization and think-tank, to evolve and develop the future of intelligence and emotional quota through decentralized autonomous organizations, decentralized apps and our own crypto investment vault.

🧠❤️‍🔥 @IQEQToken fair launching on 2500 TG members
🧠❤️‍🔥 Think-Thank and crypto investment vault.
🧠❤️‍🔥 Decentralized Autonomous Organization – Renounced Ownership
🧠❤️‍🔥 LP will be locked 200+ Years and DAO voting will decide future dApps

🌘 $IQEQ DAO token Distribution and information
Total Supply: 100 000 000 (100%)
Put into LP: 90 000 000 (90%)
Development & Marketing wallet: 10 000 000 (10%)

Transaction Tax: 5%(Only 3% 15 minutes after launch)
Rewards: 1% to Holder, 2% to Burn, 2% to LP
Launch Market Cap: Under 1000$
Network: Binance Smart Chain
DEX: PancakeSwap V2
🐋 Anti Whale, Anti Dump, Anti-Bot & Anti-frontrun during our diamond launch!


1️⃣ (Phase one IQ50 EQ200)
Holders: 250
👉🏻Contract renunciation & Burn or lock initial LP🟢
👉🏻Start trending🟢
👉🏻 Update BscScan Token Page🟢
👉🏻CoinMarketCap Application🟢
👉🏻CoinGecko Application🟢
👉🏻Nomics, WorldCoinIndex & LiveCoinWatch Applications🟢
👉🏻More payed advertising 🟢
👉🏻PooCoin, CoinSniper, CoinVote, CoinHunt, WatcherGuru, RugFreeTokens, IcoHolder, Bitcointalk, Reddit CMS🟢

2️⃣ (Phase Two – IQ75 EQ175)
MCAP $100K
Holders: 500
🔜DexTools Ads + Trending🚀🔵
🔜Twitter Ads🚀🟢
🔜Reddit Top + Hot 1🚀🟢
🔜PooCoin Ads🚀🟢

3️⃣ (Phase three IQ133 EQ120)
MCAP $200K
Holders: 1000
🔜Massive Giveaway/Airdrop🚀🔵
🔜BscScan Ads🚀🔵
🔜DexTools Ads🚀🔵
🔜Reddit Ads🚀🔵
🔜Youtube Ads🚀🔵
🔜Google Ads🚀🔵
🔜New Parnterships🚀🔵

4️⃣ (Phase four IQ150 EQ103)
MCAP $500K
Holders: 2500
🔜2nd Massive Giveaway/Airdrop🚀🔵
🔜CoinGecko Listing🚀🔵
🔜CoinMarketCap Listing🚀🔵
🔜Out of the box marketing🚀🔵
🔜Massive marketing push🚀🔵

5️⃣ (Phase five IQ173 EQ80)
Holders: 5000
🔜First CEX Listings🚀🔵
🔜Start developing IQEQ Crypto Investment Vault🚀🔵
🔜YouTube & Twitch influencers🚀🔵
🔜TrustWallet + PancakeSwap LOGO+PRICE UPDATE(Important milestone)🚀🔵

💝(Bonus Phase IQ200 EQ53)
Holders: 10000
🔜IQEQ DAO Voting platform🚀🔵
(1 $IQEQ = 1 Vote from now on! GLHF)
🔜IQEQ NFTs (Early Bird Special)🚀🔵
🔜New website with community voted dAPPs & tools🚀
🔜Start Developing IQEQ-LP Farming 🚀🔵
🔜IQEQ Registered Company🚀🔵
🔜IQEQ Headquarters🚀🔵

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