What is $IQEQ Token?

Decentralized Autonomous Organization

Intelligence Quotient (IQ) = To know how!
Emotional Quotient (EQ) = To know yourself!
Spiritual Quotient (SQ) = Mind, Vision, Value
Adversity Quotient (AQ) = Ability to go through rough patches in life

IQEQ Token is a decentralized autonomous organization & think tank, to evolve and develop, cryptowealth, the future of Intelligence and emotional quota through DAO, dAPPs and our own crypto investment vault.
Community owned and run think tank and vault, made to contribute to the individual
financial wealth, body health and mind. To raise awareness about mental illness, through mind, vision and value,
by helping individuals cope with the difficulties and suffering of life, through education, technological tools and
a sense of value within the DAO community

To be featured in


What we have developed is a ready, 4 layer decentralized system that uses cutting edge low latency, storage layer to store assets permanently and transparently. A BinanceSmartChain-based logic layer to handle all the transactions on the Universal IQEQ Factory network. Last but not least an IQEQ-API that enables any future decentralized Apps to be developed.

We targeted the root cause: Monopolized and Centralized platforms. Imagine a world where the financial freedom, wealth, health, intelligence quota and emotional quota travels
with people, no matter who they are, or where they live.

Forever, whenever, wherever!

Well you need to imagine no further, blockchain-based decentralized APPs is the future.
You can try it out today, by joining our amazing $IQEQ Community
or becoming a official $IQEQ holder.


1% Static reflection

On every transaction(Buy & Sell) There is a 1% Fee in which a 1% static reflection rewards gets sent to all holders in real-time!

Diamond Launch

We made a historical diamond launch, with a super low market cap! We managed to stop all sniping-bot, by taxing them heavily the first minutes. We burned 20% of the total supply (20 Million tokens) that got funded by Sniping-bots! Rest 4 Million will be used to fund marketing & airdrops! Thats a proper DIAMOND launch!

Democratic Decentralized Autonomous Organizations(DAO)

$IQEQ tokens as voting power for future decisions. No centralized ownership. Contract is renounced and each token represents a vote in the future DAO Dashboard.


Contract is safe and pre-audited by the team. Contract ownership is renounced and initial liquidity is locked for 79+ years.

DxSale Lock Link
(You need to be logged in with your wallet to see exact dates,
Unlocks 2100-01-01)

Cross-platform & International

We intend to grow our international community & eventually establish ourselves on other blockchains and platforms.

2% Burn & 2% to Liquidity Pool

On every transaction(Buy & Sell), There is a 4% Fee in which 2% gets burned forever and 2% to the locked liquidity pool. Returned LP-Cakes automatically sent to dead BSC wallet.


  • Phase one IQ50 EQ200 🟢DONE

    👉🏻Contract renunciation & Burn or lock initial LP🟢Done
    👉🏻Start trending🟢Done
    👉🏻CoinMarketCap Application🟢Done
    👉🏻CoinGecko Application🟢Done
    👉🏻Nomics, WorldCoinIndex & LiveCoinWatch Applications🟢Done
    👉🏻More payed advertising 🟢
    👉🏻PooCoin, CoinSniper, CoinVote, CoinHunt, WatcherGuru, RugFreeTokens, IcoHolder, Bitcointalk, Reddit CMS
    MCAP $50K 🟢 DONE Holders: 250 🟢DONE
  • Phase Two - IQ75 EQ175

    🔜DexTools Trending🚀🔵Pending
    🔜Twitter Ads🚀🟢Done
    🔜Reddit Top + Hot 1🚀🟢Done and continuing
    🔜PooCoin Ads🚀🔵Done(ended)
    MCAP $500K🟢Done Holders: 500 🔵Pending(461/500)
  • Phase three IQ133 EQ120

    🔜Massive Giveaway/Airdrop🚀🔵STARTED
    🔜BscScan Ads🚀🔵
    🔜DexTools Ads🚀🔵
    🔜Reddit Ads🚀🔵
    🔜Youtube Ads🚀🔵
    🔜Google Ads🚀🔵
    🔜New Parnterships🚀🔵
    MCAP $1M 🟢DONE Holders:🔵Pending(461/1000)
  • Phase four IQ150 EQ103

    🔜2nd Massive Giveaway/Airdrop🚀🔵
    🔜CoinGecko Listing🚀🔵
    🔜CoinMarketCap Listing🚀🔵
    🔜Out of the box marketing🚀🔵
    🔜Massive marketing push🚀🔵
    MCAP $2.5M Holders: 2500
  • Phase five IQ173 EQ80

    🔜First CEX Listings🚀🔵
    🔜Start developing IQEQ Crypto Investment Vault🚀🔵
    🔜YouTube & Twitch influencers🚀🔵
    🔜TrustWallet + PancakeSwap LOGO+PRICE UPDATE(Important milestone)🚀🔵
    MCAP $5M Holders: 5000
  • Bonus Phase IQ200 EQ53

    🔜IQEQ DAO Voting platform🚀🔵
    (1 $IQEQ = 1 Vote from now on! GLHF)
    🔜IQEQ NFTs (Early Bird Special)🚀🔵
    🔜New website with community voted dAPPs & tools🚀
    🔜Start Developing IQEQ-LP Farming 🚀🔵
    🔜IQEQ Registered Company🚀🔵
    🔜IQEQ Headquarters🚀🔵
    MCAP $10M Holders: 10000

 🌟$IQEQ Tokenomics🌟

Binance Smart Chain Contract



TOTAL SUPPLY: 100 000 000 (100 Million)
INITIAL LP: 90 000 000 (90 Million)
MARKETING WALLET: 10 000 000(10 Million)
TX.TAX: 5%
BURN: 2%


PancakeSwap Liquidity

90% of the total token supply of 100 000 000 $IQEQ tokens are put into PancakeSwap V2 Liquidity on launch.


Tax Program

5% is taxed on each transaction
(Buy, sell, transfer).
1% to Holder Program
2% to Burn Program
2% Liquidity Pool


Marketing allocation

The team promises to help push this project forward.
For momentum to happend and to build hype, we need funds.



100% decentralized autonomous organization. 

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